Deep Thoughts

Nature is Life’s Soundtrack, on Mute

Today was fast and furious. For a day off of work it certainly didn’t stop.

At least until now. And now, in this moment, it is so peaceful.

Have you ever had a moment where you stood in the middle of a forest, a desert, in snow – and felt yourself connect to everything around you? To look around and marvel at this life our ancestors had without light pollution – to be one with the land? We need more of those moments in our lives, it is far too simple to get caught up in the frenzy.




I have never felt so alive or so at peace with myself as when I have been able to take time in nature and simply be. To feel the wind on my cheek, smell the musk coming off the trees and the sweet florals from blooming flowers. I love blooming flowers. Grant it, I have a propensity to kill them when they are in bouquet form but good grief do I admire their fragrance and beauty.

When I went on a road trip with my husband last year, we pulled off on an outlook off a freeway, I want to say shortly before San Simeon.  I was mesmerized by the coastline. There was this entire cliff top look out, full of grass and rocky spires just beyond a withered broken down wooden fence with barbed wire intermittently applied. Rustic and long forgotten. My husband took out the camera to take pictures and I, like the nature child I am – took off like a shot to explore.

The feeling of glee from frolicking about in this virtually untouched piece of land, with sea air whipping my face and long grass tickling my legs.. I was so elated. I felt free and happy and excited and adventurous and no longer full of the worries that fill my head on the daily.

Perhaps that is what I am craving – some quiet time in a meadow somewhere. Or sitting on a swing hung onto a tree with my toes in the grass. Or being back in the desert laying on hot sand with rocks for pillows. To be away from suburbia, no where close to a city or metropolis.

And for this small moment, I am grateful for the technology at my disposal – to listen to the sounds of the ocean and hear the wind through the leaves and owls hooting. Oh nature, lull me to sleep with your sweet serenade of peace.


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