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This Blogging Thing

I’ve been talking about starting a blog for years. Early to the idea, late to the adoption I suppose. There are a million reasons I could come up with as to why I haven’t done so yet, and all of them would be one large excuse after the other.   While watching a movie at home recently, a quote from it struck me – profoundly.  It was simple, to the point, and full of truth. Joss Whedon, you continue to make me love your creations (it was The Avengers, for the record). The quote, and I am paraphrasing due to contextual aspects, was this:

You are going to fail… You lack conviction.”

And SLAM!! Right in the face.  Like, damn man – could you hit me any harder??   Now, I don’t know if it’s a me thing or if it happens to everyone but I have always been prone to the harsh realization of epiphanies. The pow right in the kisser kind… you know what I mean.   Thus the realization came upon me like an avalanche – if I am to do something, ANYTHING I must:

Do it with conviction – Believe in it – Stop when it’s finished

OK – so realization, check. Now what? It isn’t a lofty idea, certainly not something unattainable to achieve. But how do I do it? How to I pursue something not only with conviction but with a strong fidelity to myself at the same time? With life and all the crazy stuff that happens, how? It is not a duty, I am not obligated by any known or unforeseen force, yet there is something compelling me forward.

Conviction… passion. PASSION! The one thing I have found myself lacking, the one thing I have been looking for.

Passion is such a gift – one I find myself wishing I had more of instead of flights of fancy. But perhaps, perhaps to grow passion you need a bit of conviction… of dedication and habitual reverence of self.

The blogging frontier is so vast it presents itself as an ambiguous beast and maybe, just maybe I will discover the road to whatever passions lay beneath the surface with this blogging thing.


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