Adjusting Perspective

Last week was interesting – full of moments that all added up together from previous days to create yet another realization… I’m beginning to sense a trend with these little epiphanies. We all are on a path to the next better version of ourselves. Perhaps that’s the mark of maturity – I can’t imagine going through life never changing.

How does the saying go, if it were easy everyone would do it? Something like that.

On top of this new burgeoning blog I have embarked on, I think I am going to seriously take some time to evaluate photography in my life.

People have always remarked at the quality at some of my photos taken but two interactions last week solidified it for me. I have learned not to ignore a message if it is being passed my way… thankfully I’m not that obtuse.

Anyway, backtracking to a couple of days ago – I had offered to bring my laptop to show a friend some pictures of what Greece looked like. Her mom has had a long-time interest in going and since I went last year, it was a perfect scenario. I showed her photos that I had taken both on my phone and on my digital camera at the time and she was amazed at the beauty – truly that country’s beauty comes not only from its antiquity but its unique placement in the world.

She said something that stood out to me.  “You have an eye for architecture.”

No one had ever worded it that way before.. and after looking through my photo collection, she has a very valid point. My interest in photography is not new by any standards and the way in which I frame up the shot is specific to me and the way I view the world around me. Others would do so differently. They do do so different.  The joys of an individual POV, I suppose.

Fast forward to the end of the week, I had a conversation with a coworker who is a photographer in his spare time. He’s an incredibly talented, gracious guy and very open to helping you out.  I took the opportunity to discuss photography with him and quickly discovered that we are different types of photographers.  He loves shooting photos revolving around people. I prefer places, scenes of life happening.. but not having people be the focal point.

For some reason the idea that I could have a focus to my own photography eluded me. I’ve been to gallery showings, I know this to be a truth for others but of course taking that in mind for myself was just nonexistent.

I have always enjoyed taking pictures, since I can remember. It was always to catalogue the world around me – to never be able to forget that moment in time I was in. The idea of having a general focus, or particular bent in the approach to taking the photo just never entered my mind. In mulling it over I am still completely baffled.

And yet when I look at some of my favorite photographs I have taken over the years… they all share that same thread in common. The way in which the picture is framed, the amount of scenery or buildings… if there are people in the shot they are small in comparison to what is in the foreground.

There are so many ways to express yourself. Words give you a voice in a space that may not be your own and a confidence to perhaps say more in writing than you ever could in person.

But how do you express yourself through a photograph? What does that say about you as an individual? How do you express a passion if the image is not tangible to the recipient? Does it represent some thought? Or is it simply a depiction of life, a factual representation of the here and now?

In the most literal sense you seeing what happens when you see the other side of the looking glass.  And perhaps thats what is so alluring and yet elusive about the art of photography.  It really is in the eye of the beholder.


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