About Her


An about page seems so odd to me – it’s like that portion of an interview when someone asks you, “Tell me about yourself.”

No matter what it will come across foreign – and as I have no motives other than writing there is no grand message to portray. Perhaps that in and of itself is a message.

But here are some things that will come through in the writing and thus, are important.


  • I am married to a wonderful guy, he’s pretty awesome!
  • Chances are if it is classified as geeky or nerdy, I dig it.
  • I’m pretty much a perpetually perky person and full of optimism.
  • Retro fashion, lifestyle and anything vintage make me giddy.
  • I love makeup and playing with hair, it gives me a lot of joy.
  • My music tastes are all over the place, you’ve been warned!
  • I crave knowledge and the change self in all ways.
  • My passion for crafting has lead me to pursue things like jewelry, soap making, sewing, as well as cooking and baking adventures.

3 thoughts on “About Her

  1. Very short yet sweet ‘ABOUT’ page.
    First of all, it is cleverly written; because despite of not liking to write too much about yourself; very smartly & shrewdly you revealed so much about yourself!!!!
    Second; caption below your image; just wonderful!!!!
    Third, I do understand your anger & anguish about writing ABOUT page!!!!!!!!
    I think it is not only your problem but it is problem of many creative people;
    They don’t want to sell anything to you; they don’t want any recognition from other bloggers; they don’t want to promote them or they work; these are the people; who always find happiness and peace in their writing or any creative work; yes, to write ABOUT page is problem for all of them!
    Thanks for expressing feelings of all these creative nerds & geeks!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for giving voice to these community!!!!!!

      1. And you succeed too…..
        Not only in ‘about’ page but almost in each post you succeed…but one thing, I am disagree with you, you said you attempts to do so, but from your writing, it seems it is effortless, pure flow of writing, where pen automatically starts to write on paper!
        Keep it up!

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